Europe: Summer 2013

so a year later, and i am finally getting around to posting details on the trip scott and i took summer 2013.

our first stop was copenhagen (ignoring the layover in amsterdam). We stayed in copenhagen for 6 weeks and met some really great people. a few i am happy to call friends now.

scott had a chance to work with one of the best chefs in the world (the only chef to ever win gold, silver and bronze statues in bocuse d’or competitions).

after leaving copenhagen we met up with our friend raymond in berlin. ray decided to leave home and started performing gigs across germany. i am not ashamed to say i am a little envious.

we next went to london and while the city was an interesting place to visit it certainly was not my favorite (or favourite if you’re so inclined). it was drizzly most of the time there, however we did get a chance to visit stonehenge and took a jack the ripper walking tour with one of the foremost experts on the subject – donald rumbelow.

i caught a cold during my time in london which made our next stop – amsterdam an experience i did not enjoy. we did however get to meet up with scott’s aunt and uncle who were also traveling in the area. it’s always nice to see a familiar face with when you’re in strange locations. sadly though, i spent most of my putzing around in the hotel waiting to get rid of the london sickness.

prauge was our next stop, and it was everything i had hoped. the city was everything you think of when you imagine old-world eastern europe. history was everywhere you turned.

we left prauge and flew to paris. i am glad i went to paris, but like london it was not the highlight of our trip. i found the people less than hospitable, the city was full of tourists which made moving around hard and to top it off, everything had an unpleasant odor (best described as week old piss). [Photos Here]

scott has always been a fan of the tour d’france and we were able to make a quick stop in nice to see the time trials. nice itself was nice (!) and our first night there ended with a major fireworks show over the sea which puts most of the ones in the united states to shame.

we made our way from nice to rome for the final stop of our trip. rome was much larger than i expected but it had a pretty good public transit system. which made getting from our room to various sites a non-issue. plus i have to admit the gelato was very good.